Online Reputation Management

Why do you need to manage your reputation online ? If you think people don’t Google you and your business name when they’re looking to employ you or buy from you, then you’re kidding yourself.

Anyone can Google you, or search for your business and they’ll form their impression of you from what turns up in the search results  : about the work you’ve done previously and what others have to say about you. People can easily find out what your customers and clients think of you.

I know the 1st thing I do after I’ve searched for a product or service, is to do a second Google search on the names of the businesses I’m thinking of contacting. I search the business name, the business owner’s name and I search for reviews from their customers.

When someone is conducting those type of searches on, you want to make sure they are finding good things about you, that you have a good reputation in business and in other areas of your life as well.

You’ll want them to find good things that have been said about you and any awards you’ve received. From all this information the person then makes the decision to contact you or not .

So what’s the minimum that should be done to build a good reputation ? …

  • Get a Google+1 Local page setup.
  • Monitor the web in general for mentions of the business name.
  • Monitor specific review sites where the business is listed.
  • Monitor Google Alerts for mentions of the business.
  • Take fast, appropriate action whenever you find a bad review.
  • Set up a Facebook Fanpage.
  • Align your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ profiles.
  • Submit online press releases regularly.
  • Submit relevant articles to article directories.